Android Leading the Way

In exciting mobile gaming news for those who love the Android application, you can now enjoy many mobile casino games with this application for the first time ever. Spin3, the mobile gambling solutions provider, and Microgaming, the world's largest online gaming software provider, have joined together to offer their award winning games as native Android applications.

Mobile Gaming News

The prediction is that Android will increase its market share to 14% of the entire global smartphone market in 2012. This prediction should make Android surpass Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone smartphone devices! What this mobile gaming news means for the customer out there is the following. The Spin3 versions of these mobile casino games have been developed to work with all versions of Android. This will mean that clients who use the Android powered devices will enjoy all sorts of cutting-edge games. For instance, Blackjack will be available as a native Android app soon, you'll be able to enjoy the entire array of Spin3 games on the Android platform.

Mobile Gaming News

As Matti Zinder, the Head of Spin3 said, "The buzz around Android is staggering. The phones and experience is comparable to that of the iPhone and the platform is rapidly growing in popularity with developers and consumers." He went on to explain that all of the games developed by Spin3 will work on any Android phone and will be made to support upcoming versions of the operating systems as well, so they will change with the changing Android times.

Mobile Casino Flexibility

This mobile gaming news is certainly good news for anyone who uses the Android platform and who loves mobile casino games. It's great to see the technology continually increasing and including more and more platforms. This means more choices for mobile casino users and more chances to enjoy the amazing games provided by Spin3 and Microgaming. For Android users, it will also mean crystal clear game playing and great enjoyment with their mobile devices.

Android Fun

Spin3 concluded that they are always trying to be on the cutting edge of the mobile casino world. They have developed games for Android powered devices and are sure that customers will enjoy how they've adapted the games for this platform. Certainly this is mobile gaming news that pleases customers as much as it pleases the mobile gaming industry!