First Mobile Casino on iPhone

In December, Spin3 announced that it would be supplying its award winning GameWire mobile casino system to All Slots Casino. This allowed All Slots Casino to become the first operator in the world that would offer mobile games for the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices. This means that All Slots Casino stands at the cutting edge of casino technology and that they can be proud to be the first mobile casino on iPhone.

More about Being the First Mobile Casino on iPhone

All Slots Casino was first set to launch in the UK and France and to provide players with award winning casino games with great graphics. Such iPhone casino games include Blackjack, Roulette and the ever-popular Tomb Raider slot in both the English and French versions. David Brickman, the VP of Player Affairs explained that being the first mobile casino on iPhone was a huge breakthrough for All Slots Casino. People want to be able to play their favorite games on the go - anywhere that they want to. Being able to play on the phone makes it that much easier to enjoy casino games when people want to play them. All Slots Casino was thrilled to offer a mobile casino on iPhone and to present this to their loyal customers.

Be Part of a Mobile Casino on iPhone

If you love your iPhone and you love playing casino games, then you can appreciate what a great innovation it was for All Slots Casino to be the first mobile casino on iPhone. All Slots Casino and Spin3 were thrilled to team up and to bring their skills and technology to people in the form of new mobile games. They wanted to raise the bar on the level of available play and to offer people the chance to play in an even more mobile format than ever before. .

What Does a Casino on iPhone Give You?

Using GameWire technology, All Slots Casino's mobile casino games can be played with a touch screen and with either horizontal or vertical play. Games are fully hosted and accessed via the iPhone's web browser. There is no need with this system to download or install any games and you can enjoy these games on your phone in seconds!

All Slots is Once Again First in Innovation

Clearly, this innovation is incredibly exciting and cutting-edge. All Slots Casino is constantly trying to improve their offerings and keep their customers happy. This innovation is one more example of how they strive to do so. As the first mobile casino on iPhone, they are giving their customers a great way to play with convenience and speed. It's all available right on your phone now!

Mobile Casino on iPhone