Mayan Princess

Journey back 4000 years to the world of Maya culture. The Maya constructed an entire empire which took place from southern Mexico to Central America and the new mobile slots game focuses on this lost civilisation, their symbols and their times. It’s a clever juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient, bringing together an ancient civilisation with the modernity and fun of the HTML5 mobile slots world. And together they create an awesome experience where you can see the world of the Mayan Princess and be part of the action today. Learn about the Mayan civilisation and dabble in the chance to go back in time while using a modern technology to do so.

Playing the Game

As you get ready for this adventure with mobile slots games, you’ll see that all of the symbols and details of the game have to do with the lost Maya civilisation. The set up of the Mayan Princess mobile slots game includes five reels and 20 paylines. The symbols here include the Mayan Princess and Prince, of course. They also include the parrot, the alligator, the leopard, the maize corn, the blazing sun and others. The colours are dramatically bold and colourful here and the sound effects match the adventure of the mobile slots games.

Simpler Times

Just as the Mayan Princess lived in a simpler time when things weren’t so complicated or so busy, so too the Mayan Princess mobile slots game offers a bit of a calm experience. The game isn’t overwhelmingly bogged down with bonus features and extra rounds. Players can focus on the new mobile slots game in the base game and really enjoy the experience. Then, they can anticipate fun with the free spins section of the HTML5 mobile slots game. In ancient times, the pyramid was actually a scary symbol as it was used as the centre of sacrifices. Today, however, in the Mayan Princess mobile slots game, it allows you to get into the free spins section of the game and to get as many as twenty free spins. You’ll be given a random number of free spins when you get into the section, and it maxes out at 20. In addition, any prizes that you get with this part of the Mayan Princess game will be doubled.

More Fun Features

In addition, there is a wild symbol with the Mayan Princess mobile slots game. The Mayan Princess is the wild one and she will help players to make winning combinations. When you play this new mobile slots game, you can also play with a wide range of wagers. This allows the player who wants to start low and the one who wants to bet it big to be able to play and enjoy the same game.

Ancient World on the Go

It’s interesting to think of playing an HTML5 mobile slots game about a civilisation from thousands of years ago. But this is exactly what you get with this game. And, when you take your mobile game on the go, you can enjoy the most modern technology that the world has today and combine it with an understanding of the ancient and long forgotten world. Now that’s certainly an example of two worlds colliding! You'll love the opportunity to play this game directly from your mobile and to enjoy gaming on the go. And you'll love the way that this game offers up a unique theme and a wonderful way to enjoy mobile gaming today.


Mayan Princes Mobile Slots