Mobile Fruit Fiesta Continues the Trend

Fruit Fiesta, an online progressive slots game designed by Microgaming and hosted by numerous Microgaming casinos, was a big hit when first released. It seemed like everyone simply had to try this latest online slots game. After such a big success, it was only natural that the mobile casino companies would try to extend this success to the realm of mobile casino gaming. Thus, Mobile Fruit Fiesta was created and added to the mobile casino games suit. Mobile Fruit Fiesta is played in exactly the same way that the original web based game is played and thus, Mobile Fruit Fiesta is also a progressive slots game. It is easy to guess that Mobile Fruit Fiesta will continue to be a very popular slots game at the mobile casino and as the big jackpots gradually rise to astronomical proportions, the popularity of Mobile Fruit Fiesta will also rise. Indeed, already today, Mobile Fruit Fiesta is one of the most popular mobile casino slots games and is well loved by mobile casino players everywhere.

The Mobile Fruit Fiesta Overview

For those of you not yet familiar with Mobile Fruit Fiesta, Mobile Fruit Fiesta is a five reel game with 15 different possible paylines. Mobile casino players who are willing to play Mobile Fruit Fiesta "all out" and bet the maximum number of paylines also get to participate in the chance to win the awesome progressive jackpot. Since the progressive jackpot is the element that has served to make Mobile Fruit Fiesta so popular at the mobile casino, it should come as no surprise that most mobile casino players choose to play Mobile Fruit Fiesta at maximum bet and thus partake of the chance to win a truly fabulous cash prize. The game logo is the wild symbol in this game and can help you make winning combinations. The Fruit Fiesta logo is also what you need in order to collect the big progressive jackpot. As is the norm for video slots games there is a scatter symbol. The scatter symbol of Mobile Fruit Fiesta is the melon. Mobile casino players will need three melon symbols anywhere on the reels of Mobile Fruit Fiesta in order to succeed at scoring a scatter win. The rest of the symbols of Mobile Fruit Fiesta include several of the classic slots symbols like BARs and Bells as well as a wide variety of different fruits which are supposed to match the theme of this fun mobile casino game.

A True Fiesta with Mobile Fruit Fiesta

In fact, it would seem that Mobile Fruit Fiesta has seemingly achieved a greater level of popularity at the mobile casino than could possibly have been imagined in the recent past. This is probably at least partially because playing games at the mobile casino has also become far more prevalent than previously. In addition, as a mobile casino game, Mobile Fruit Fiesta combines several important elements which all serve to combine and add to the Mobile Fruit Fiesta attraction. The most prominent of these is the fact which that Mobile Fruit Fiesta is progressive slot game. This means that the winning potential of Mobile Fruit Fiesta is nothing short of incredible and keeps increasing too. In other words, despite the fact that the cost per play of a game of Mobile Fruit Fiesta is fairly low, a truly lucky mobile casino player could walk away with fabulous sums of money far above the value of his initial investment, making winning at this mobile casino game a true fiesta.

Mobile Fruit Fiesta