Brand New Poker Tips App Detailed In Mobile Casino News

The brand new Poker tips App from Spin3 is headline mobile casino news and has been received with great anticipation and excitement. This brand new app for mobile casino players using an iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch is unique and very useful. Everyone wants to play poker or does play Poker at some time in their lives and what better way to play than at a mobile casino when you are waiting in line for a train or waiting for your car to be cleaned and so on. As you can read in the mobile casino news the Poker tips App is revolutionary as it is not just at App that offers Poker tips but it also quizzes you on your knowledge and of Poker and through this can determine how much you need to learn and in what way.

Mobile Casino App is Free

The Poker tips App from spin3 is free to download which is a first for many of the mobile casino websites, there are no hidden charges and you can download the App directly from the Apple iTunes store or via your iPad or iPhone or iTouch. As the mobile casino news has been shouting about, the Poker tips App is for basic and advanced players. If you are a seasoned Poker player then through the interactive quiz you will be able to progress to a higher level of tips and learn more tricks for your game. If you are new to the mobile casino and new to Poker then the Poker tips App will be able to gauge how much you know and guide you through the basic tips for the game and starter points that will set you on your way. As your game improves you will gain more tips as you continue the interactive quiz and learn more from this fantastic mobile casino aide.

New Developments for the Poker Tips App

The Poker tips App is completely free and at the moment it can only be found in English but as the mobile casino news articles have confirmed it will soon be released in French with other languages to follow in the New Year. The Poker tips App has hit the mobile casino news channels by storm not only because of its usefulness for the game and the fact that it is free but it is also very easy to use and an all round great aid for mobile casino players using iPhones, iPads or iTouches.

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