Play Mobile Pub Fruity Anywhere

Because mobile Pub Fruity is in your mobile phone device, you can carry it with you in the palm of your hand and while away waiting hours with a lively British pub style slots fruit machine.

How Mobile Pub Fruity Plays

The casino mobile version of Pub Fruity is played almost exactly like the online casino version. Pub Fruity has all the excitement and interaction that is typical of the fruit machine.

First, the icons: a sexy barmaid, frothy beers, cherries, bells, lemons and the Pub Fruity logo. There are only three reels and one pay line and the play is with one coin in the casino mobile version of Pub Fruity. However, there are all the regular fruit machine surprises plus bonus games.

Mobile Pub Fruity carries a Drinks Trail and a Bonus Dart Game. Every time a number shows up on one of the three reels, you progress along the Drinks Trail. Sometimes you get Free Spins, sometimes Free Nudges and sometimes Free Holds. All of these surprise wins help you to create winning combinations.

There is a small board with three Darts. Every time a Dart shows up on the reels, one of the board Darts lights up. Once you have all three of them lit, you go to a second screen where three Dart throwers show up. You need to pick the one you think will win the most points. Then all three take turns. According to where your Dart thrower placed, you win coins.

Although mobile Pub Fruity has a small display (depends on what kind of mobile device you own), this casino mobile game is big on bright and clear graphics and easy to play. As usual with the fruit machine style slots, a lot of the fun with mobile Pub Fruity is the interaction. You need to be agile and quick with your fingers to hit the Stop button on the most advantageous moment for wins.

Mobile Pub Fruity is a Great Game on the Go!

Travelling, waiting in lines, anywhere you go, mobile Pub Fruity is in the palm of your hand giving you lively entertainment while you run around. In the casino mobile arena, this game is a great addition to the mobile casino games available. It is fun, entertaining, attractive, and can earn you some nice cash. As long as you have a mobile device that connects to the internet, you are in business. Enjoy!

Pub Fruity