The Rocketspin Mobile Casino

One of the newest additions to the list of online casinos is the new Rocketspin Mobile Casino. However, there are several factors that make this mobile casino unique. Perhaps the most interesting is the form of mobile casino billing that the Rocketspin Mobile Casino will use. Netwallet is the the first secured WAP mobile billing solution for the Eastern European market. That means that players will be able to play real money casino games by using Netwallet on the Rocketspin Mobile Casino

Why Netwallet is a Breakthrough

All over the world, those who enjoy playing online casino games are looking for payment providers that are secure and convenient. Many times, what may be a great payment solution in one area cannot work for those with bank accounts in another region. That is why Netwallet was optimized for those who live in Eastern Europe. Many who live in Eastern Europe want to play casino games but until now, there was not a dedicated mobile casino billing solution. The Netwallet system enables players to deposit money into an account, sometimes referred to as virtual 'purse.' Players can also buy pre-paid credits online or at a WebMoney terminal. From there payments can be instantly transferred directly to a mobile casino account. Once the account is funded at a casino like the Rocketspin Mobile Casino, players can play real money games at any time.

Rocketspin Mobile Casino Promises to be One of the Top Casinos

Now that the Rocketspin Mobile Casino is teamed up with the Netwallet mobile casino billing partner is promises to become one of the most popular online casinos. With a large selection of real money casino games, players will enjoy the convenience and diversity of online play. The selection of online games is always being increasing as more games are developed and players have responded very favorably to the selection at the Rocketspin Mobile Casino.

Rocketspin with Netwallet Provides Seamless Money Transfers

Coupling the games of the Rocketspin Mobile Casino with the Netwallet mobile casino billing providers is really a stroke of genius. Now players can feel relieved that they have convenient and secure way of transferring money for playing online casino games. After it is set up, it really just takes a few seconds to fund a casino account with Netwallet. It is at least as easy,if not easier, to transfer cash with Netwallet as some of the more well known casino billing options.

Rocketspin Mobile Casino