Secret Santa Fun

It’s time to get in the holiday spirit, if you haven’t done so already, and there is no better way to do so than to enjoy some quality time at home. And while you’re sitting at home by the fire and putting your feet up, why not enjoy xmas slots? This is a fun way to feel the holiday spirit and with today’s xmas slots games you’ll find yourself having such a fun time that you’ll want to continue playing long after Santa has left the house. As one of the mobile casino games available today, you'll be able to play on the go. This means you can bring the holiday spirit into your home and have a great time playing to add Christmas spirit to your environment; but you can also enjoy yourself anywhere that you happen to be. Get in the holiday spirit this way, and continue to hold onto that good feeling long after the holidays are over.

Great Secret Santa Slots Game

One of the awesome mobile casino games to hit the market is the Secret Santa Slots Game. This game will fill your house and your errands with holiday cheer and with a feeling of fun and goodwill. It’s a great xmas slots game that includes, of course, the Christmas theme. When you get to the game you’ll see a quiet street that’s ready for Santa to arrive. There is snow outside and the street seems quiet and majestic. The symbols here all add to the holiday cheer with the Secret Santa Slots Game. You’ll find Santa, of course, the lovely Christmas tree, the hot turkey dinner, stockings that are stuffed full with great goodies and more. The game is set up on a 5x4 board with 1024 ways to win.

Great Playing Fun

With the mobile casino games, you’ll always have a blast playing. You can take Santa on the run with you anywhere you find yourself, and can continue playing the xmas slots when you return home. This game can be played for a very small bet, allowing you to enjoy Secret Santa Slots Game without shelling out a lot of your loot that you get from Christmas. While the regular game is certainly a lot of fun, the incredible action begins with the bonus round. Here, you’ll see that there are actually seven special features and you’ll get one of them randomly if you make it here.

Bonus Fun with Santa

In the bonus section with Secret Santa Slots Game you may get the Wild Boost which will make a random symbol turn wild. You could get the Free Spins that has five free spins with multiplied wins. The Mystery Multiplier makes all your wins multiplied by 5x or 10x. The Dashing Wilds has four wilds that will land in a random symbol position. Then, with the xmas slots mobile casino games, there is the Scatter Spree where symbols pay scatters in all positions. With the Rolling Reels consecutive wins increase the multiplier by as much as 12x. Another great feature with the Secret Santa Slots Game is that, if you get five of a kind in the base game you’ll get a great win and you’ll get a free automatic respin.

Bring Santa into your life with the fun offered by mobile casino games for Christmas. You’ll love the graphics, the sound effects and the game so much that you’ll find yourself playing long after Christmas has passed. With this game, you'll find yourself drawn back to it again and again and feeling a great holiday spirit every time that you play. And, you'll love the mobile possibilities that it affords to you, as you can play this Santa game on the go. With the mobile casino games, you'll be able to play anytime that you want to do so. You can bring your Secret Santa Slots Game to the mall as your girlfriend shops; you can bring it to your holiday dinner; and you can bring it long after the holiday is over. All of this adds up to awesome fun whenever you want some extra "Ho Ho Ho" in your life. 


Secret Santa Slots Game