Enjoy Real Casino Atmosphere at Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile

Microgaming is reformatting its Blackjack Gold Series for mobile.  The Blackjack Gold Series has improved high definition and a more realistic appearance.  Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile is based on the blackjack version that was standard when there were only the downtown casinos in Vegas.  Times have really changed since then!  Not only has the Strip overtaken downtown, but now you can play mobile casino blackjack!  Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile will surely become one of the most played mobile blackjack games.   

Phone or Tablet

You can play Blackjack Gold on mobile on your phone or tablet.  Microgaming’s mobile casino blackjack is compatible with many mobile devices, primarily those that use the IOS, Blackberry, or Android mobile systems.  The built-in resolution on new mobile devices plus the extraordinary high resolution of Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile make it a real pleasure to play mobile blackjack!

How Do You Play Mobile Blackjack

Probably, most of you have played blackjack many times.  Nevertheless, we receive inquiries from new players every day asking for a tutorial on the basics of blackjack.  With them in mind, we will give a short blackjack tutorial.  The tutorial will be based on the rules of Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile.

Each player receives two up cards from the dealer.  If you’re playing in a bricks-and-mortar casino, having two up cards can be a hassle as the other players may blame you for their bad luck because of decisions you made.  When you play online, there is no problem having two up cards. 

The dealer also gets two cards, one up and one down.  It is obvious why the dealer has one down card; your entire playing strategy would change if you knew what the dealer had! 

Since you see only one of the dealer’s cards, you must use all of the information that card gives you when you play your hand. 

Players play their cards first.  This is possibly the most important rule of blackjack.   It is the basis for most of your decisions and is the source of the house’s advantage.

One Simple Goal

Every player, including the dealer, has one simple objective: to get as close as possible to 21 without going over.  If the player or the dealer goes over 21, they lose immediately.  But, as we said, the players go first so players are more likely than the dealer to go over 21.  Therefore, players must decide to “hit” or “stand” based on their closeness to 21 and the dealer’s up card.

The cards have their face value.  Picture cards are also worth 10 points.  Aces are either 1 or 11.  Thus, there are 16 cards worth 10 points.  This leads many players to always stand with 12 points or more.  This is mistaken strategy for a couple of reasons.  First of all, there are also 36 cards that will get you closer to 21!

Applying the idea of using the dealer’s up card to help us make best strategy decisions, if the dealer is showing a 7, 8, 9, 10, picture card, or ace, it is better strategy to hit with 12, 13, and possibly 14.

When it’s the dealer’s time to play, she must hit on 16 points or fewer and stand on 17.  In Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile, the dealer also hits on “soft 17”, meaning the dealer has an ace and a six.  Some contend that this rule benefits players who stood with 12-16 points. Others contend that it helps the house.

Counting Cards

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile is played with two decks.  The decks are shuffled after every hand.  Even experts claim that card counting when the decks are shuffled so often is not a reliable strategy.  However, if you play several hands at the same time, and you have developed the skill to remember all the cards that have been played, you might be able to make a reasonable strategy guess about hitting or standing on any given play.


In Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile you can “split”, meaning turning a pair into two hands.  You can split three times, making four hands.  The exception is that you can split aces only once.  The dealer cannot split cards.  When you split cards, you must bet on the new hand or hands.  Then you play each hand like a normal hand.

Double Down

In Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile, you can also double down.  This strategy doubles your bet and allows you to receive just one more card.  This play is good strategy but it depends entirely on what the dealer’s up card is.  In Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile, you can also double after splitting!  This option is quite unusual in blackjack!


If the dealer's up card is an Ace, he offers insurance.  If you take insurance and the dealer has “blackjack”, you receive your original wager plus your insurance payment back.  If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, you lose your insurance payment.  Nowadays, most analysts discourage Insurance as a poor bet.

Players Always Win With Blackjack

If the dealer has a ten point-card she peeks at her down card.  If it’s an ace, she declares blackjack and takes the losing bets.  This saves you money in the long run because you weren’t tempted to split or double down.

In Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile, ties are a “push”: no one wins.  However, when both you and the dealer have blackjack you win!

Casino-like Ambience

Soft dinner music playing in the background mixes with the sounds of a casino.  The dealer speaks in a very pleasant voice.  Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile is not just for the nostalgic.  It’s a very player-friendly form of blackjack now available on your mobile device!



Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold Mobile